Mrs Evelyn Goswick moved to Franklinton in 1963  in the third grade. In 1972, she graduated from Franklinton high school and married Kenny Goswick. She and Kenny had four children (Jon, Aaron, Laura Leigh, and Daniel) whom she consider her  greatest accomplishment along with her 18 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

She graduated from Louisburg College in 1983 with  an Associates in Arts and later earned a Bachelors of Arts in History from Meredith College (1988) and MSA from North Carolina State University (2005).

In 1989, Mrs Goswick began her teaching career at Franklinton High School as a social studies teacher until 2006. In addition she served as the Varsity cheerleader coach, Club sponsor for SADD, and the Social Studies Department chair.

In 2007 she became the  first  Testing coordinator/Registrar and served in that capacity until retiring in 2014. Since retirement she has served as Chairperson for the Friends of Franklinton Middle School which is sponsored by the Franklinton United Methodist Church, the Franklinton Baptist Church, and the Franklinton Women’s club. The Friends of Franklinton Middle school provide activities for teachers and students that help build morale and support the educational process.

Mrs Goswick also  serves the community as Deacon at Franklinton Baptist Church and  a member of The Franklinton Women’s Club. Since 2020 I have served as vice chair for the West Franklinton Democratic Precinct.

She feels privileged and honored to continue to serve the people of the she has been afforded the opportunity to meet and come to know so many wonderful people throughout her career and extracurricular activities.