Tyaisha Williams Troy: When you think of an innovator, Tyaisha Williams Troy name comes to mind. It is not enough for her to excel in her core role; she is committed to the idea that improvement is dynamic and ever-changing. Her innovative mindset has led to her showcasing a world-class ability to see solutions and implement plans.

Tyaisha is a seasoned Executive Administrator with over 17 years in the field. She has extensive experience with organizing complex projects and determining project priorities. Having held positions in the non-profits, healthcare, and higher education, Tyaisha can tailor her skills to meet the needs of various clients. She has increased efficiency in several of her assigned roles and is very effective at interpreting and analyzing data to drive successful business solutions.

Highlights of Tyaisha’s career include receiving publication credit on several critical publications through AARP’s Public Policy Institute, and in 2016 achieving the “COO Innovation Award” from the Chief Operations Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, for developing an onboarding platform for new employees titled “BCBSNC Newbies: A Jump-Start Onboarding Community”.

In her current role as Data & Administrative Coordinator for the African American Male
Initiative at North Carolina Central University, Tyaisha fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures the quality and accuracy of the data of the program. In addition to her duties at North Carolina Central University, Tyaisha is an entrepreneur. She is the CEO & Founder of “Virtual Diamond,” virtual assistance company that provides outsourcing administrative services to small businesses.